I hate hav'in to drag My Nuts thru tha damn snow!"

Here are some Pics and Clips for that Redneck Yankee, Paul - N2NQM.

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It's N2NQM makin dat Voodoo Audio!

The N2NQM Voodoo Audio Station!

The Voodoo Audio Shack of N2NQM!

The N2NQM Voodoo Audio Shack!

The N2NQM QRO Device!

The Voodoo Audio Rack of N2NQM with the Bellari RP533!

N2NQM's RE-20!

The Beutiful N2NQM RE-20!

Here's the Rats Nest of N2NQM!

Behind N2NQM's Operatin Position!

A Snow Covered N2NQM Home!

A Pic of the N2NQM Tower!

The Tennadyne T-10 of N2NQM!

N2NQM's Tennadyne T-10!

Lokin up at the N2NQM Tennadyne T-10!

The N2NQM Deer Stand!

N2NQM in his Deer Stand!

N2NQM in his Hottub!

N2NQM Smokin His Monica Lowinsky!

N2NQM catchin them Pike!

N2NM Fishin!

N2NQM TRYING to catch some Pike!

The N2NQM Fish Shack!

N2NQM with the Moose!

270 Yards!! One Shot, One Kill!!

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